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by Tarik Essawi on A-1 Cycling
Support your local bike shop
City & State: Vienna, va

I recently purchased a pair of tires from A1, on the second ride with the new tires the rear failed and the flat caused my carbon wheel to be irreparably damaged. I figured stuff happens and I would be stuck replacing the wheel which was a ZIPP 404. I reached out to Colin who owns A1 and explained what happened and sent him some pictures. He asked that I bring the wheel and tire into his shop. To my surprise he reached out to me about a week later and had worked with Specialzed to replace my wheelset due to the damage caused by the tire failure. This is what makes my local bike shop A1 so special and why everyone needs to support the local bike shop in their neighborhood.

by Rob Niber on A-1 Cycling
Best Local Bike Shop !!!
City & State: Warrenton, VA

The A-1 Cycling Manassas VA shop is freaking awesome - all the guys know bikes, parts, how to fix and maintain and are my bike consultants for my 2016 Giant Trance Advanced 1 rig. They are all very friendly and you feel in very confident hands when dealing with them. The service is great, very fair prices and turnaround time is fabulous. I love going in just to talk to them and find out what their bike worlds are all about. Look no further than A-1 Cycling in Manassas VA for the best damn local bike shop in the world !!

by J Brian Mason on A-1 Cycling
Can't say enough
City & State: Herndon, VA

Can’t say enough great things about the A-1 Herndon team. Just bought a new bike (Giant Escape 2) and they answered all my questions, made great recommendations on a lock and headlight and gave the bike a once over to ensure it was ride ready. Plus, the next day they installed my bike stroller attachment at no extra charge. If you need a bike you won’t find a better combination of service and price.

by Frank on A-1 Cycling
A little disappointed
City & State: Reston, VA

I went to A 1 because of the excellent service I have always received there. Recently, when I picked up my bike after a repair, an employee said, "Oh, your front end is loose, you want me to tighten it up?" It will only take 2 min and cost an extra $10. I said OK, but I was surprised that I would pay for this minor tightening, especially as the bike was there for 4 days. $10 for 2 min = $300/hr, an exorbitant price for labor. He really caught me by surprise. I told my wife that I felt cheated and will look for another bike shop similar to how I had initially experienced A 1.

Hi Frank,

First off, I want to thank you for taking the time to reach out to us about your recent visit. I understand how frustrating it can be to be caught off guard with a quick repair that seems quite expensive.

I hope that in the future you are willing to give us another chance to earn your trust. After 37 years as a local family owned and operated business, we are not out to unjustly take money from customers but we do feel it's fair to be compensated for our expertise.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

by Rich Byers on A-1 Cycling
City & State: Woodbridge

After dealing with another local shop and sales people there tried upselling me i decided to take a look at another shop in the town next to me .. Just went in to look at bikes . They dident have what i was looking for (Hardtail) but with the lower prices at A-1 and much nicer staff i went with a entry level full suspension for less than the hardtail i was looking at .. Definetly check out the guys at A-1 cycles ., Super knowledgable crew there and worth the trip ...I will make that my new LBS.

by Kevin Fadely on A-1 Cycling
City & State: Woodstock VA

I have been out of biking for a while and decided to get back into it. After training for a year and not having a newer bike I visited the Herndon Shop. Everyone there was extremely friendly and explained the advances that have come out since my last purchase in 1994. They sent me to the Manassas location to look at a bike (after they offered to have it sent to Herndon) and I was thoroughly impressed by the staff there as well. They (at both locations) prevented me from making a mistake in my purchase to save a few dollars and put me on the right equipment. I just completed my first half century last weekend and have been thrilled. In this day and age of big box it is great to know that a company such as A-1 can provide services to be able to match us with what is needed. Thank you everyone and I look forward to celebrating my first Century Ride in the spring!!

by Wesley Lee on A-1 Cycling
City & State: Mclean

In this world of online shopping etc, we forget what customer service means.
When a cyclist, from novice to commuter to expert walks into A1, it is all about satisfaction.
In a unique circumstance, they offered to stay open for me, and even though it was past their close time, they offered to tune up my brilliant Specialist Diverge - for free, as it was purchased there. They know all their customers on a first name basis and take the time to explain and recommend the best products to use.
Many people cycle for pure enjoyment, and A1 certainly understand and share that enjoyment with the customer.

by Jerry Sparks on A-1 Cycling
City & State: Gainesville, VA

Great bicycle from a great bike shop! Definitely recommend this store.

I've been cycling for nearly 2 years, most of that on a hybrid. As I started to build up the miles (training for my first century next month), I decided to invest in a road bike. Based on recommendations from a friend who is a former competitive cyclist and my own online research, I honed in on a Giant Defy and A-1 Cycling.

Headed over to A-1 Cycling (Manassas store) on a Sunday afternoon intending only to do some recon. I ended up buying a 2015 Giant Advanced Defy 2 (on sale for $500 off the list price). The employee that worked with me was extremely friendly and helpful. He was knowledgeable about the bikes and was able to provide me with good information about various makes, models, and features, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each. He patiently worked with me, answering all my questions and letting me take multiple test rides.

I also decided to pay for the bike fit service. A couple days after I purchased the bike, I heard from Colin to schedule the fitting session (FYI, their fit studio is at their Herndon shop). He did an excellent job in working with me to get the bike set up and adjusted to my physiogeometry and riding style. Before starting the fit, Colin asked a series of questions about my riding style, experience, and goals. As he went through the fit, he explained what he was doing (and why) at each step and he also was able to answer the many questions I had about not only the fit and the bike, but also cycling in general. As a relative newcomer, I appreciate when more experienced cyclists share their knowledge without making me feel like a newbie.

I've now got over 400 miles on the new bike and I'm loving it! I'm consistently up about 1-2 mph and am climbing hills better than ever. More importantly, I'm able to complete long rides without excessive fatigue and stiffness I used to get on my previous (not fitted) bike.

In addition to the help and service provided during the bike purchase and the fitting, Colin made a point to reach out afterward to see how the bike and fit were working for me.

Bottom line is that I had a great experience with A-1 Cycling - both the Manassas and Herndon stores - and anticipate continuing to give them my business. As a matter of fact, I've already been back in multiple times to get other stuff such as tubes, socks, new helmet, etc. I'd say that the total experience I had has engendered a high degree of customer loyalty from me (which should be the goal of any business).

by Kenneth B. on A-1 Cycling
I'm a cycling novice
City & State: Alexandria, VA

I'm a cycling novice who has taken up cycling for commuter purposes. Everyone at A-1 was really nice and polite in helping me get my worn out old bike tuned up. I also needed new tires, and they helped me pick out some that were perfect for my commuter needs, and have made my cycling commute better as a result. They did a good job of explaining what work they had done and why. It felt a little pricey to me (though I'm by no means well versed on the costs of these kinds of things), but overall I was impressed with the quality of service and felt I received good value for the money.

by Steve Matthews on A-1 Cycling
City & State: Herndon VA

I love this store......friendly, helpful and always going the extra mile. Great team and the bike always comes out of the store in great shape and in a timely manner. I'd much rather use these guys than go to a national chain where my experiences have been terrible.

The bike fit is well worth doing - has made a huge difference to my riding already!

by Ed Santiago on A-1 Cycling
City & State: Sterling

I highly recommend A-1 Cycling. They have the best customer service, bicycle maintenance, and products around. The guys from A-1 Cycling have always gone above and beyond to help me out, even in short notice situations. Don't bother calling any other bike shop. A-1 is the best!

by Alaa A. on A-1 Cycling
Pleasant Surprised
City & State: Arlington, VA

When shopping for a bike for me and my brother, I didn't know what I wanted. When I stumbled upon A-1 Cycling I was pleasantly surprised with all the advise and help I received. I was asked questions to ensure I was recommended the best bike for my biking needs.

I have been very satisfied with my purchase but the follow up service has been exceptional. One of the bikes I purchased was involved in a collision and their willingness to repair the bike and get the bike back on the road was the most pleasant surprised. The entire staff is friendly and passionate about their work. Overall, I couldn't be any happier.

by Matt T. on A-1 Cycling
Matt was a great help
City & State: Great Falls, VA

Matt was a great help - took 15 mins to fix issues with my kids two bikes. Def will go back there when / if I have other problems.

by Mary Huff on A-1 Cycling
Best Experience!
City & State: Centreville, VA

This is the best experience I have ever had with a bike shop. They treated me with respect even though I'm not a 'serious' cyclist and helped me determine what I need. They have been so friendly and helpful every time I've been there that I will probably go there for things (accessories) I could get elsewhere, just because they have earned my loyalty. And they could have taken a LOT of my money because I was willing to spend, but they didn't take advantage of that. They are great.

by Lauren M. on A-1 Cycling
Incredible Help
City & State: Denver, CO

These guys are incredibly helpful and will answer all of your questions, especially Royce - he's awesome. Just got my very first mountain bike from them yesterday, and I love it, love it! I'm also stoked about the lifetime of free tune ups! These guys know, love, and breathe bikes. I'm so glad I purchased through a place like A-1 rather than an REI type of store where they didn't seem to care quite as much.

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